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Who we are

Quaestum is an independent fiduciary services boutique. We employ a select team of professionals, based in Germany and Malta, all of whom contribute their vast international experience from years of employment in different areas of consultancy and financial services.

We are dedicated to develop and deliver bespoke fiduciary management solutions for the implementation of sophisticated tax planning strategies to international entrepreneurs and corporations.

Our versatile skill-set combining fiduciary, legal, accounting and banking expertise allows us to offer our clients sophisticated, innovative solutions and a unique personal service covering all aspects of the active management of their international corporate structures.

Through our network of close personal relationships with leading international experts and service providers such as banks, asset managers, legal and tax advisors, auditors, business consultants, trustees, recruitment agencies and real estate agents, we can provide our clients access to the most suitable specialist advice at any given time.

With this business model our small team is able to structure complex solutions for virtually any international situation or transaction from our Maltese base in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Our team will be delighted to assist you with your queries in German, English,

Spanish, French and Portuguese.