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Our Services

Corporate clients and private families incorporate international legal entities for a variety of reasons including tax planning, asset protection, company succession planning, confidentiality, estate planning, or simply for convenience and ease of administration.

Based on our international experience, we provide expert advice to our clients in structuring their individual solutions and a truly personalized service with respect to the ongoing management of the structure.

Maltese legal entities offer endless possibilities to international entrepreneurs looking to streamline their tax position. Some of the most popular uses of Maltese companies are the following:

  • International trading structures
  • Group holding structures
  • Yacht registration and management of shipping companies
  • VAT efficiency for Yacht purchases
  • Aircraft registration and management
  • Royalty and intellectual property management
  • Property holding structures
  • Holding of art collections and other moveable assets
  • Management of group holding entities
  • Leasing structures
  • Intra-group financing structures
  • Holding of investment portfolios
  • Company succession structures
  • Estate planning vehicles
Quaestum provides a range of different services revolving around these different structures. Please see the specific sections for more details on the different services.