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Our Philosophy - Client Interest First

As an all-out boutique, our approach is to provide cutting-edge solutions and a personal service that goes far beyond mere incorporation and basic secretarial services.

We feel that in today's increasingly complex regulatory environment, pre-defined off-the-shelf solutions far too often fail to meet the true requirements of the entrepreneurial client, as no two cases are alike.

Staying small allows us to maintain the flexibility we need in order to offer truly innovative, tailor-made solutions and a personalized hands-on service to our clients.

Any solution will be developed in close cooperation with our clients and their personal advisors and we fully respect the longstanding relationships that exist between them at all.

Our role is to be the partner for the coordination and practical implementation of the solution for the client as well as for the proactive management of the relevant legal entities and transactions.

We feel keeping an in-depth understanding of the clients' particular situations, their objectives and requirements at all times is paramount to our work.

This allows us to keep entirely focused on our absolute core priority – our clients' interests.

Quaestum works under a compliance culture that respects the usual standards regarding "know your client" policies and customer due diligence procedures that are presently considered best practice amongst international corporate management and trust services providers.